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wereldWhy is it that some companies are, for over 30 years, on our list of faithful clients? The answer is easy: Consistent Quality and Reliability. The essence of the way in which we do business are our professionalism and our endeavour to do the best we can. In the business category of Sorting companies second-hand clothing" we rank among the very best.

We are, therefore, masters of our trade. We are not the biggest company in terms of turn-over or profit-margin. And no intention to strive for the position. But what we are: the best. The Best in the Business is what we are proud to be known for. It is a status we work hard at to maintain. Every day of the week. Because we are committed to remain in the number one position. In the interest of our customers. And because we regard pride as an essential part of happiness.

The most important markets for our goods are the many countries in Eastern Africa. Almost every week lorries leave our premises with one or more containers for the harbours of Antwerp or Rotterdam, to be loaded onto ships heading for the African continent.

Sales Director Jack den Haan and a client inspecting the quality of a consignment.

The customers of Plevier BV in this part of the world are mostly agents or importers. They receive the bales and often using primitive (but effective) means of transport, they forward the valuable bales to hundreds of smaller villages in outlying parts of the lands.

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Clients are welcome to inspect the sorting-process with their own eyes

The goods are then sold, on local markets and in small shops, to mainly the local population. When we are in our company buildings in Oud Gastel, working to sort out the clothing for Africa, we keep in mind that in the heat of the tropics it is not all that important for a blouse to conform to the latest fashion images from Paris or Milan. But what is important, is that the clothes are clean. Not ripped or torn. And above all: suitable for the climate.

Another important destination for Plevier BV are the countries in the Eastern part of Europe. As these countries are emerging from the communist past, people are more and more interested in making their own choices. Where ten years ago train-wagons full of unsorted clothing were gratefully accepted, nowadays people rather pay a few euro for an item of clothing if that means they can choose the item they want.

Moreover, the legislation in many countries has also been adjusted so that is now in may cases illegal to ship loads of unsorted clothing. Even if they have been collected in a charity drive. Sorting of the second-hand clothing before they leave countries like The Netherlands is then the only way to offer people in Eastern European countries the option of buying new clothing for small amounts of money.

Loading of a lorry for a client in Eastern Europe

Plevier BV is, just as elsewhere, happy to do business with the same customers for many years in Eastern Europe as well. Warm sweaters do not find many buyers in Africa, nylon blouses are not the first choice for people in Romania. Yes, we know, it sounds obvious. But do you know why our customers are loyal to us? Because at Plevier BV we not only know the obvious, we also act accordingly. Every day of the week.

Middle East
Almost since the start of our business, one of our longest standing customer is a client from the land of the cypresses. From him, and from other clients in the region, we have learned the importance of traditions and respect for other customs. And they have learned something as well: it is good doing business with the Dutch: we keep the promises we make, and if we can't make it, we won't promise in the first place.

Other countries
Apart form the destinations already mentioned, our bales are shipped to an impressive array of countries. Pakistan is one instance. Yet also closer to home, from small markets in rural France and Spain to the major street market in Rotterdam, people are experiencing the quality of the clothing that are sold on under the Plevier BV banner.

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