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Plevier BV is the family business of father and son Den Haan. The day-to-day management of the company rests in the hands of Ger Den Haan, owner/director and his son Jack den Haan, director of sales. All shares of the company are held by the Den Haan family.

History of the company
The company Plevier was founded in the late 1960s in the city of Rotterdam. In the 1970s it moved to 's-Gravendeel and still later to Dordrecht, where in 1979 the company was incorporated in a BV.

Per 1st October, 1979, Plevier BV is located in Oud Gastel. Several expansions have since been realised. Most recently, in 2002, another addition to the real estate holdings have secured more storage warehouses. As a result all the sorting and storage buildings, in addition to the office and a couple of houses, now belong to the Plevier Group.

The central hall for sorting of goods

Work method
The main activity of Plevier BV is recycling second-hand goods, with emphasis on pre-worn clothing and shoes. In doing so, the company is actively involved in re-using goods and materials, a current topic in this day and age when raw materials are becoming ever more scarce.

Clothing is hand-sorted and individually checked...

We purchase vast amounts of clothing. Thousands of tons of pre-worn clothing arrive at our premises, meaning an almost daily supply of containers. We buy these goods from the collecting-section of charity organisations. To name a few: Salvation Army, Kici and Humana. With the revenue resulting from the bulk-sale of the clothing they collect, the charities can support projects that they would not be able to support otherwise. In other words, the monetary equivalent of the clothing collected is often better suited to help people in developing or affected regions, than the clothing itself.

...and pressed into bales to be shipped the world over.

Plevier BV employs 38 people in full employment, making it one of the biggest companies in the Oud Gastel area. Of these, 25 are still with us since the company was incorporated! This high employee loyalty means a tremendous amount of experience and is one of our main assets and guarantees for the superior quality of our sorting process.

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Carnaval Bazaar

Ga to the website of Carnaval Bazaar, our shop with costumes and second hand clothing.


Visiting Address
Middenstraat 4
4751 PW Oud Gastel

Postal address
Postbus 14
4750 AA Oud Gastel

Telefoon: +31 165 513 383
Fax: +31 165 513 652
GSM: +31 651 849 240

Ple4 BV is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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