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Pre-owned clothing
IMG 2069The focus of our company is buying, in container-loads, second-hand clothing that has been collected mainly by charity-organisations. After receiving the goods in bulk, they then enter the process of being sorted: kind by kind. By size-group, by suitability for different climate zones. By quality.

This entire process of sorting vast quantities of second-hand clothing is something we do better than anyone else. Early on, right from the start of our business, we have set as our goal: long lasting relationships with clients. These relationships are the result of our clients being able to count on us being consistent in the quality of the sorting process.

So what exactly do we mean with quality of the sorting process? Well, rather than selling specific pieces of clothing to individual requirements (two hundred blue trousers size x of brand y, as one would buy from a manufacturer or his agent), we sell items of clothing that have been collected from the four corners of the country. We sort the goods that we receive and are then able to, for instance, sell bales of trousers in dark colours in a specific size-group and from a certain quality.

In other words: we sell goods that have gone through a highly specialised quality of the sorting process. A client needing a number of bales of good quality blouses will receive exactly that. Someone else may be looking for trousers that he can sell cheaply. And yet another client may specify warm sweaters, or light-weight shorts. All of them will open bale after bale after bale and find consistency. That is what makes us special.

Annually we sort thousands of tons, or millions of kilos of clothing. We could not even start to calculate how many individual pieces they would amount to.

IMG 2069What we have said in respect to clothing, is also relevant regarding shoes. But with the added necessity of making sure there are always two shoes together. Of the same kind. And the same size. And the same colour. But NOT for the same foot.

Sometimes we manage to buy shoes in quantity, direct from an agent or the manufacturer. These shoes may not represent the height of fashion for next Summer. But for agents and importers in developing countries, they are rare opportunities to buying substantial quantities of new shoes at very competitive prices.

IMG 2069Part of the collected clothing is no longer fit to be sold on. Wear and tear are the most obvious reasons. And so we don't sell or try to sell it.
But the textile itself can still be used for other purposes. In garages for instance. Car repair shops, joinery workshops. A cotton or linen rag remains a far superior product compared to a bit of paper that does not absorb moisture or that falls apart when you only look at it.

Moreover, by this process of recycling, adopting raw goods to a different use, we reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise be adding to the landfill.

Currently we are also involved in buying second-hand furniture, mainly for export to countries in Europe.y by charity-organisations

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Carnaval Bazaar

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