We also use worn and torn clothing! We make rags from this.


Worn clothing

The core activity of our company is the large-scale purchase of second-hand clothing and optimal sorting.

We sort by type, by size, by applicability for specific customers and by quality. We sort thousands of tons of clothing every year.

In our industry, a good customer becomes a loyal customer if he can count on a constant quality of the sorting. That is what we are known for.



Sorting shoes is done even more carefully, because here it is necessary to ensure that there are always two shoes together, in the same color and size.

We regularly buy large batches of shoes. This is not the fashion for next summer. For agents and importers in poorer countries it is often a great opportunity to buy a large quantity of good quality shoes in one load.



Some of the collected clothing is no longer suitable for wear due to wear and tear.

However, the textiles of many clothing can still serve excellently in, for example, garages and workshops.